Saturday, August 21, 2010

God Touched Me In Kansas City

It was an amazing few days at IHOP-KC. I attended the Joseph Company's "Rebuilding The Cities" Conference Augsut 8-11 which was about cities of refuge. I spent Sunday afternoon in the Prayer Room where the LORD told me two things. 1) "Today (August 8, 2010) would be an important day for you" and 2) "Your name is now Stephen."

The Conference began Sunday evening with worship and an overview of the End Times rooted in Scripture. During this presentation one of the founders of IHOP came in. He is a business guy who God has blessed substantially to purchase the IHOP buildings over the years... since the beginning. His name is Bob Hartley.

He was not planning on attending the first night, but God had a word that He wanted Bob to release. The Conference leader invited Bob to come forward and share what God had laid on his heart.

"There are some of you here today whom God is moving from striiving to your inheritance". This was significant to me because a 90-year old woman in Texas had given me a word just 10 days earlier that God was about to give me my inheritance. It would come shockingly. Bob shared a story of a plantation owner from the civil war times who wanted to give one of his slaves his entire plantation becasue he saw the slave as his own son. However, the laws would not permit it. The slave grew from a boy to a man and the laws changed after the civil war. The owner invited the slave into the house and gave him the property. That night they slept and the former owner came downstairs the next morning to find the slave sleeping on the floor in the corner as he had done for years as a slave in his own slave house.

God is moving some of you from being a servant to your inheritance. "Is there a Stephen here?" I raised my hand. "God has provided for you uniquely and you have shared how he has down this with many others. He is your Provider. I don't know what you are goung through right now, but He is your provider. Does this mean anything to you?"

"Yes, thats the name of my ministry." I was called to the front of the room. "God says He is giving you the Temple... He is giving you the Temple... He is giving you the Temple. Does that mean anything to you?"

"Yes... I live in Temple, Texas."

Bob continued, "Today is your birthday. Today, August 8, 2010 is your Birthday." "I knew it would be a significant day for me." Bob asked, "Is today your actual Birthday?" "No," I replied.

He prayed some more and then said, "October 29th."

"That's my Birthday," I said.

God had touched me deeply and I can say that since that moment my life... even my spiritual life has changed.