Monday, March 29, 2010

Many Are Receiving Dreams and Visions - Challenging Times Ahead

I continue to hear from people (even young people) who are receiving dreams and visions about the challenging times that are coming.

This is not a statement born from merely looking at the events and circumstances in the world today. This is not even a statement debating how God communicates to His Body through dreams and visions (which He clearly says He will do and does as stated in the last days in Acts 2 and Joel 2). It is the message that God is communicating over and over to His Body that's important here. He is warning us and asking, even pleading with us, to prepare. These people I am hearing from aren't seeking out these dreams and visions. God is surprising them with these communications... even kids... even me. (Please listen to "Challenging Times Ahead" at

There is no need for God's own to fear. This is God's mercy at work... He warns us because He loves us and wants us to prepare so we can endure. Matthew 24:37-41. begins, "As in the Days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man..." Noah and his family were left behind and had to endure the flood... it was the wicked who were taken away. And just like Noah, we will have to endure the challenging times ahead. This time instead of an ark, God is preparing Cities of Refuge in the US and around the world. Places of refuge, provision and protection.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Encouraging Word

Love beckons me. Love covers a multitude of sins. Love conquers all. Be not dismayed. You cannot do anything to destroy the plan I have for you. My plan is not based on your abilities. It is based on My Grace. Stop doubting yourself. Stop looking back and regretting your mistakes. Am I not powerful enough to overcome your ablilty? Am I not strong enough to correct your errors? And Am I not wise enough to re-direct you? Nothing you can do can defeat My plan for you. Do not despair. Do you not know that My Goodness is greater than your best effort? If you think it is too late or too hard or your mistakes are too many, then you are saying that your weakness is more powerful than My Strength!

Nothing is impossible for Me! When you get to the point of your inability, that is when you are ready to tap into My ability. Let go of thinking how you can make things happen and watch Me proceed on your behalf. I will wash away your past in the Light of a new beginning. Do not give up because failure is the start of true victory. Never was there true victory without many failures preceeding.

Trust in Me. I created you. I Love you! And I want your success more than you want it for yourself. My deepest desire is that we do it together. You were not created to exist without Me. Let Me be your frontline guide and your rear shield. I will cover you, protect you and surround you with My Grace. Listen to Me, Follow Me, obey Me. I will be responsible for you My child. I Am Faithful and Worthy of your trust. I have the ability to carry your through any adversity and bring you out in victory. There is no enemy I cannot destroy. No mountain too high, no valley too low, no river too wide. I created all. I know all. I know every cave to hide you in . I know every foe to protect your from. The enemy cannot surprise Me with any schemes of destruction. I know them all and have seen them before they were set in motion. I have the inside track on everything. I wil guide you up, around and through every detail of your life.

All I ask of you is to get in My boat. The storms will come. The waves will rise, but you, My beloved will not be harmed. I will protect you like I did in your mother's womb. When the raging sea settles and the enemy is defeated, you will see the rising Son and join us in the clouds. That is when you will see the Glory of your King. We will trample the enemy of Love together. Nothing can defeat My beloved who rests in My care.

The King has annointed you for such a time as this. If you did not have what it takes, you would have been planted at a different time in history. Do not question the Wisdom of your God.

Rejoice and Reign for the appointed time is at hand to claim your victory!