Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Power Of God Over Death

I just returned from a blessed trip to Guatemala. I want to share one incredible story of God's power over death:

One evening I was invited to eat dinner with two of the leaders of our churches in Guatemala and El Salvador. The married couple was excited to tell me of the latest miracle God had done.

A woman who attends the church had become gravely ill and her four grown children had come to be by her side as their mother lay dying. The illness had come so fast and had quickly brought the woman to death's door. Over the course of the illness, people from the church had come, laying hands on her and praying for healing, but there was no improvement. She continued to get worse.

One evening the couple was called by one of the children, "Come quickly, mother has died!" By the time the two had arrived the woman had been dead for twenty minutes. The two checked for a pulse and confirmed that she had passed, but this was not the end. As the children huddled together in the corner of the room sobbing and comforting each other, the two began to pray. They lifted up the woman before God, asking Him to bring her back. They cried out to the One who had raised Jesus from the dead... to the One who had raised Lazarus from the grave. They pressed in.

After a time the woman's eyes began to flutter. There was life! They pressed in even harder and God continued to work. Soon she was speaking. The children could not believe their eyes. They rejoiced. The couple immediately saw an opportunity to tell the children about Jesus. And one by one, each one of this mother's four grown children gave their hearts to Jesus.

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!

Written By Stephen Burke; Edited By Jennifer Poppy