Sunday, September 02, 2007

Video - Mission Trip to Guatemala/El Salvador 2007

Pastor Jeff Light of Virginia made a video documenting our recent mission trip to Guatemala & El Salvador and that video is now available to view via the Internet at "You Tube". This year folks from Virginia, Georgia and Texas joined together for a 10 day mission of ministry and outreach in Guatemala and the mountains of El Salvador. Pastors Jorge and Annie Cerritos and church family were our hosts.

Check it out when you have a minute.

Part 1

Part 2

Special thanks to Randy Peck of for taking the initiative to have the video posted and helping to spread the Word!

In Christ,


Healing and Another Church Plant in El Salvador

The Lord God is blessing us so much. Everything is accelerating in all areas of the ministry. Our 9 churches are growing with dozens of new believers and rededications. Pastor Jorge shared one story of a baby that is 42 days old, but for 30 of those days he was in the hospital. Doctors said that he would not live long because he had a strange illness that came with high fever and extreme weakness. Two weeks ago our prayer walking team happened upon this child's home and prayed for him. The team went to their home a second time and two of the team members felt in the Spirit that the baby would be healed, but the baby's parents needed to rededicate their lives to Jesus. The mother rededicated her life that day. The very next morning the baby woke up smiling and eating completely healed. The baby's father also rededicated his life to Christ. These kind of miracles are happening more and more frequently. God has entire church PRAISING GOD FOR THIS MIRACLE!!!

Please Pray:

1) Please pray as we are witnessing the birth of church number 10 ( 8 in Guatemala and now 2 in El Salvador) in the mountains of Abilene, El Salvador. This is three hours away from our initial El Salvador church plant. A new believer who accepted Christ two weeks ago at our initial church went home and told others about his newfound Savior. The Good News spread and now we have a team going there to help them get started.

2} Please pray for me as I travel to India September 6-17. I'll be going to some very poor areas and I expect the Lord to bring more folks for us to help who are called to spread the Good News like pastor Jorge , pastor Pedro and others.

3} Please pray for two Texas men who are traveling to Guatemala on behalf of The LORD Will Provide September 7-17 to follow the Lord as He begins to present new business opportunities for the people and ministry in Guatemala and El Salvador.

4} Please pray as we witness the birth of our first ministry in South America. We will work among the children and people living on the streets in Asuncion, Paraguay.

5) Please pray as the Lord opens doors into Honduras where I and two others will be traveling December 2-14.

6) Please pray that the Lord will meet the needs of His growing ministry and that He will send the people to help us in this work. We are doing our best to keep up with God.

Thank you for all of your prayers, encouragement and support.

In Christ,