Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sue Delivers A Baby In India

She was lying on the floor on a burlap sack, curled up and fully clothed, her wrap around skirt pulled over her knees. The hut was so dark, I stumbled over a small stool as I made my way around to her face. I brushed her hair back gently and spoke to her. Using my anointing oil, I massaged her swollen belly. The contractions were still far apart and not severe so I thought it might be a while yet. But she had been like this for two days and her family was worried and wanted to get her into town. I started up the hill to find a vehicle. The water truck had just passed and would return shortly. Could we load her into that? Then I saw my friend, an older tribal woman who had 5 children of her own. I walked up to her and tried to pantomime "pregnant" or "baby" as I pointed back at the hut by the cattle shed. She did not understand. I finally grabbed her hand, pulled her to her feet and led her back down the path. We ran into the pastor's son who explained to her what was happening. The young Hindu woman from Assam was having her baby."She's giving birth! It's too late", he said.

We entered the dark hut again and I heard a faint cry. I eased around the young woman who was now in a squatting position and gently lifted her skirt. The baby's head was out, but the mother was practically sitting on it in her exhaustion. The cord was around his neck. I knew she needed to raise up and push. I told my friend, "Up!" Together we lifted the young woman about a foot off the floor and out came the baby. I yelled, " I see a foot. He is out" . Then I gently removed the cord from his neck. I reached under her with both arms and cradling the baby pulled him forward, out from under his mother. "It's a boy", I cried. Later, I realized no one in the room spoke English and all my yelling was for nothing, but my friend understood "boy" and turned to tell the father as I lifted him up to show the mother.

When they brought the razor blade to cut the cord, I stepped out of the hut into the sunlight. I had blood up to both elbows, but WOW, what an experience. I thanked God once again for sending me to this small village in northeast India.

I love my job!

Written By Sue Albin, The LORD Will Provide, India

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Time Is Coming...

In December 2007 I was in Trujillo, Honduras in Central America. I was in prayer when all of a sudden God showed me that right now people from this part of the world want to go to the United States of America, but there is a time coming when the people in the United States of America will want to come here.

At that time, I didn't understand why this would happen, but since then God has shown me more and more about what is to come for the USA. Please listen to the message entitled, "Challenging Times Ahead" at my website www.theLORDwillprovide.org.

God tells us these things now so we may prepare. He is a merciful and loving God. May we heed His warnings.