Monday, July 26, 2010

An Urgent Call for Massive Intercession by Cindy Jacobs

Cindy Jacobs:

An Urgent Call for Massive Intercession

Dear Believers in Christ,

A few days ago as I watched a news business channel, I received the
following word from the Lord. As you can tell, it's a serious warning. I
know the nation is in a delicate condition now, but I believe that I need to
send this word out. I ran it by Chuck Pierce and he said that it fits with
what he has been hearing, only more specific on the economic side.

This is a wake up and it's so strong.

A Serious Warning and a Call for Urgent Prayer

A warning received from the Lord on July 17, 2010 in Dallas, Texas:

A few days ago as I watched the financial news, the Lord clearly spoke these
words to me, "The nation is teetering!" I then had a vision of the economy
of the United States, on what looked like a "scale of justice." He then went
on to show me that we must fast, pray and cry out to the Lord for mercy and
solutions that will balance righteousness and justice.

In praying to the Lord for wisdom about this word, I realized what must be
done—it is time for the Church in America to stand up and take her place
once again in the nation. I mulled over the fact that we have already lost
so many of our liberties and this is what I heard, "If the Church doesn't
fast and pray for a faster acceleration of revival and awakening, the
iniquitous sin structures in the nation will tip the scale that is teetering
and there will be another great depression."

Of course, this word shook me to the core of my being. Many of you may be
aware that the Holy Spirit spoke to me almost a year before the September
2008 economic melt down, that there would be "no more business as usual."

The balance of the economy is fragile and depending on the way we fast,
pray, and how we cast our votes in the next election will depend on which
way the scale tips. We must pray and do. We must pray and act. We must
awaken the Church to the state of the nation without fear of pleasing man or
fear for our reputation.

God is watching to see which way the die will be cast. If we shift the
nation to Biblical values in the arenas of righteousness and justice, the
economy will follow. If we continue in our stance of support for Israel, the
Stock Market will stabilize and prosper, and that which is fragile will
become strong. Supernatural solutions will be sent from Heaven that our
natural minds could never reason, nor grasp and they will heal the land.

If we do not heed in this hour there will be a tumbling of our economy and
dark days will be ahead to such a degree that our nation will possibly never
fully recover from and have the greatness as a nation that God has favored
us with for generations.

God have mercy. God send an awakening. God send salvation.

Cindy Jacobs
Generals International

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Turning The Tide

What happens when a nation violates the laws of God? In this powerful message, Dr. Stanley explains what happens when people govern themselves based on preference rather than the principles of God.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

N.Y. Congressman Calls for Inquiry Into Funding of Mosque Near Ground Zero

Published July 12, 2010
Associated Press

May 25: Community members both for and against the plan to build a mosque and cultural center near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan speak during board meeting.

NEW YORK -- The ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee said Monday he favors an investigation into the funding of a proposed mosque near ground zero.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Rep. Peter King raised concerns about the sources of funding for the proposed $100 million mosque, just blocks away from the site of the Sept. 11 attacks, where nearly 3,000 Americans died at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

"It's a house of worship, but we are at war with al-Qaida," King told the AP. "I think the 9/11 families have a right to know where the funding comes from; I think there are significant questions."

The mosque is a project of the American Society for Muslim Advancement and the Cordoba Institute, which promotes cross-cultural understanding between Islam and the West. Cordoba's director, Imam Faisel Abdul Rauf, has refused to disclose the sources of funding for the mosque and once suggested in a television interview that U.S. policies contributed to the 9/11 attacks.

King's views differ sharply from those of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who said Monday it would be un-American to investigate the mosque. Bloomberg, a Republican-turned-independent, has backed the mosque since the project came under development, as do numerous other community and political leaders including Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic nominee for governor.

King is a supporter of Republican Rick Lazio's campaign for governor. Lazio opposes the mosque and has called on Cuomo to look into its funding. Lazio was scheduled to testify Tuesday on the mosque at a hearing of the New York City Landmarks Commission.

Cuomo has said he would investigate the mosque if there is evidence of wrongdoing or criminal behavior but that no such evidence has been put forth.

Even though a mosque is supposed to be a religious setting, ground zero may not be an appropriate spot for this or any proposed mosque, King said.

"Right at this moment in history, it's bad form to put it there," he said. "There are things you are allowed to do, but that aren't appropriate to do."