Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nicaragua 2009

I just returned this month from an impactful trip to Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. God continues to open new doors for us to join those He has called in northern Guatemala and in El Salvador. He has led us to a woman who is from El Salvador and called to the mountains near Coban, Guatemala and a couple who are living south of San Salvador.

The Lord also led us to a group of 1,200 people who live next to an old garbage dump. They were displaced due to flooding from Managua, Nicaragua to a very desolate place north of Managua near Tipitapa. We will help with the construction of a simply built feeding center. Our Guatemalan team will return next month to continue our outreach. We would also like to place a fulltime missionary there from our Guatemalan team. Please pray for wisdom as we approach this new challenge and opportunity for us to be Jesus' hands, feet and heart to these who are so poor.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

It All Stated With A Simple Question

Five years ago on April 9, 2004 I leapt from a cliff... a place of security and manmade comfort because I had fallen in love. With faith in my heart, I spread out my wings, jumped as I was asked and found that I could fly. My eyes were focused on Jesus and I could not see the ground below, even though I knew full well it was there. I held on to God and my wife held on to me. We jumped and there was no turning back. My flesh felt the humiliation and death that awaited me. My wife's tears showed what I should have feared, but my love for my Lord and His call were all that I saw.

The ground should have rushed up at us, but we found we were being held up by the mighty hand of our God. Over these five years, we have made mistakes and even taken wrong turns. But our ears heard a voice behind us saying, "This is the way, walk in it." We have experienced the mountaintops seeing God's hand of provision and we have gone deep into caves of despair. We have heard the sound of heaven rejoicing and known the breath of hell on our heels. We have experienced the encouragement of God's whispers and known the strength of His correcting hand. We have seen God remove mountains before us and experienced the thrill of seeing His redemption, healing and love that changes lives. We have been privileged to come alongside those who are faithful to their Creator living out their own calling in the most remote of places.

And to think it all started with a simple question. "Steve, do you love me?" Three times He asked me in early 2004 and I responded with all of my heart, "Yes, Lord You know I love You." In tears I laid my life down before Him, "Lord, I will go anywhere You want me to go. I will do anything You ask me to do and I will say anything You ask me to say." Soon afterward, the adventure began. I have not yet entered my Land of Promise, but I know it is soon to come. I have seen evidence of what I cannot see and praise the One who made the promise for He is faithful to keep His promises. I have come to know Him so intimately as the lover of my soul. He is so big, yet so small. He is so far, yet so close. He is so natural, yet supernatural. The skies and earth declare His glory to all mankind. In an instant He can supercede the natural laws He put in place and allow His creation to see Him move supernaturally. He is not limited. He is real. His power is real and the most amazing thing is this... that this most holy God loved us while we were yet sinners. He sent His Son to die for you and for me. He is love and He is our Savior if we will only believe and receive His free gift of eternal life with Him. Our lives are in His hands and our deaths are in His hands. May our future... your future be in His resurrection.

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow.

Peace In Christ,