Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Season of Grace

It was spring 2008 and I felt God was wanting me to travel to Minnesota to visit a couple I had heard about from a friend here in Texas. I felt God wanted me to go there to encourage them, but I was waiting for a confirmation from Giod. Within a few weeks I received a call from a prophetic friend of mine who lives in Virginia. His name is Brian. "Steve, is God talking to you about Minnesota?" "Yes!" I exclaimed. "Me, too!" Brian said, "We need to go!" God then gave us clear timing for the trip which turned out to be August 2008.

We arrived at the airport in Minneapolis/St. Paul and met our new Minnesotan friends, Denny and JoAnna. God had sent us there to encourage them and accomplish two other assignments including anointing the headwaters of the Mississippi River with salt and oil. The next day Denny took us to Lake Itasca which is where the Mississippi River is born. We were about to pray as we stood near the headwaters of the Mississippi when Denny began to share some things that God had been showing him.

"God has been telling me that we are coming into a 'Season of Grace'. A time when we will see things improve. For example, gas right now is over $4.00 a gallon. It will come down to around $2.00 a gallon. We will also see the financial crisis that we are going through right now, settle down and some people will think we're going to get through this like we always have." Shaking his head and with seriousness in his voice Denny continued, "God is telling me, 'No.' He is showing me that this Season of Grace will last for 30 months. When the Season of Grace ends, the things we are now seeing will come back worse than they are now." Brian and I nodded our heads and we began to pray.

After we prayed, Brian anointed the headwaters of the Mississippi. From there we headed o the parking lot to begin our drive to back to Denny's home. At that time (August 2008) Brian had an 8-month old baby at home and as we were walking back to the car, Brian noticed a woman with a tiny baby in her arms. "Oh, what a pretty baby!" Brian exclaimed. "Is your baby a boy or a girl?" The mother responded, "A girl." "She's beautiful! How old is she?" Brain asked. "8 weeks old." replied the mother. "I have an 8-month old at home." Brian said with a big smile." Brian asked, "What's her name?" The mother responded, "Her name is... Season Grace." Brian's jaw hit the ground. "What's her name?" An utterly shocked Brian asked again to confrim what he just heard. Again the mother said, "Season Grace."

God had just signed His name to the information we had just heard.