Sunday, June 06, 2010

The LORD is going to start giving you details of the End Times

It was April 2008 when a friend of mine told me about a local pastor whom he felt I was supposed to meet. A few days later the pastor and I had breakfast. As were departed the restaurant, he turned back to me and said, “The LORD is going to start giving you details of the End Times.”

The next day I was in a meeting with three other people when the Holy Spirit fell upon me in a powerful way and began to fulfill what the pastor had prophesied just the day before. The first thing I saw were two hands gripping something in the manner a batter would grip a baseball bat. What these hands were holding on to immediately disintegrated and fell to the ground like dust. I heard, “This is banking and financial institutions.” I knew we in America had put our faith into something that was not God and it was about to fail. The second thing I saw was a woven fabric about 3’ wide by 2’ tall. There was a pattern woven into the fabric. I knew the fabric represented the United States of America. Immediately there was some sort of tremendous disturbance off of the fabric to the right as I faced the fabric. I couldn’t tell what the disturbance was… but it was powerful. Possibly an explosion of some sort. Once the disturbance happened there was movement within the fabric. Part of the thread that made up the fabric began to move and come out of the fabric. The thread was black and formed a net that had a large head on top of it. The head was also black and reminded me of the head like that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur. It was evil. This black netting was part of the fabric that made up America, but what we didn’t recognize was that it was all connected. Instead of attacking outward toward the area of the disturbance as we expected it would, the head turned back around and began to devour the innocent people that made up the fabric. I saw that the main roads were no longer the highways that were accustomed to traveling, but the main roads had become back roads and dirt roads. Then after a time, the people were afraid to use even these roads. I saw people one and two at a time running across fields trying to find prepared hiding places. I saw two running across a field and they came to a coffee shop of some sort with round tables. They gave a password and the owner of the shop led them to a door. The door opened and led downstairs. There was a huge underground place. Caves. I saw one very large cave that had a very high ceiling. The underground room was filled to the ceiling with barrels and barrels of grain.

As this disturbance and internal attack began to happen people were terrified and there was a tremendous panic in the land. Electricity went away and stores closed. People could not buy food and they did not know how to grow food or function without electricity. However, there were people like me who were prepared by God for this day. We help everyone to calm down and advise them that God had already prepared us for this day. After a time people began to calm down and even disappear into these hiding places and they adjusted to these new circumstances.

These are not times to fear. It is time for us to draw close to the LORD and remain close to Him. We must individually ask the LORD how He wants each one of us to prepare. We will not all be doing the same thing or going to the same places of refuge. This is a time for us to sharpen our hearing of the LORD’s voice. The LORD alone is our refuge.

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